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You will find everyone at Rob Crow & Co accessible and ready to offer you simple and straight forward advice. Our technology and property management tools are of the highest caliber. We know that at various times being a property investor can be very stressful, so we make it our business to keep you fully informed about your investment property and to ensure a high level of service and communication.

Rob Crow & Co use the most current property management software to ensure that your investment property is looked after in the most professional way possible, along with a team of fully qualified Property Managers. We also offer highly skilled and fully licensed trades people who we can arrange to fix any maintenance issues at your investment property fast and at a competitive price.

We can recommend the right Property Management package for your property, your preference, and your time frame.

At Rob Crow & Co, we:

  • Advertise your property for rent on high profile real estate websites
  • Process applications within 24 hours to receiving them in the office
  • Detailed condition reporting including photos of your property
  • The bond will be collected and lodged with the Bond Board
  • You will receive a detailed information pack when your tenants first move in which includes copies of the signed lease agreement, condition report and photos
  • Maintenance issues can be rectified by our fully licensed and qualified tradespeople, which the invoices can be paid from the rent we collect for your property
  • A Routine Inspection of your property is conducted every 6 months which you are welcome to attend. A detailed report will be sent to you along with photos outlining any issues that may require attention
  • Rental arrears are followed up every morning until payment is made by your tenants. You will be informed if your tenants are late with their rent
  • Landlord payments are made once a month. This is deposited directly into your nominated account and a statement sent out to you detailing the payment and any deductions

Your investment property is placed on high profile websites including:

Your property will also be placed on the office rental list.

When using our property management services, it is suggested that all our Landlords have both building and landlord insurance, after all, this is just part of being a wise investor.

Landlords must also ensure that their property is fitted with the required number of working smoke alarms to comply with Australian Standards. We can arrange GV Smoke Alarms to visit your property every year to make sure that your property is compliant.

Sounds easy doesn’t it. It is.

How much is your property worth?

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