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Before you start seriously looking for your new home or investment property, it pays to do your homework. Firstly, go to your bank, financial advisor or mortgage broker to determine your budget.

If you have your own home to sell, ensure it is ready to list as at times, selling your home may take longer than finding your new home.

When considering what price you wish to offer the vendor via us, take in to consideration, stamp duty costs, solicitor costs, improvements required and inspection costs.


Before signing the contract you should obtain advice from a NSW accredited solicitor / conveyancer. It is at this point that any special conditions eg Building & Pest Inspections, Finance Clause are added to the contract prior to exchanging contracts.

You will also need to negotiate a settlement date and what deposit is required with the vendor’s via us.


In the period leading up to settlement you and your solicitor should be preparing everything for the big day. This includes signing any bank loan documentation if you are borrowing, and ensuring the money will be available. Your solicitor will also ensure the transfer documentation is in order, that any other documentation for the transaction is ready (ie. lease documents), and that all parties have agreed upon arrangements for settlement (ie. time and place).

Settlement Day

You can request a final inspection of the property prior to settlement day with us.

Your solicitor will notify you and the agent once settlement has occurred.

How much is your property worth?

Get in touch to learn more about current market trends and conditions and local property sale and rental values.